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hi, single (34) guy from Portsmouth looking for attractive female swingers so we can hit the clubs and have fun!. I'm not into anything kinky just good old fashioned SEX

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female into BDSM Contacts looking male sex slave. I'm not looking for newbie's I want contacts only from male slave that know the ropes (so to speak). I only used BDSM clubs as I like to play hard so drop me a line and lets talk

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Clubbing, Sex & Socialising...

Sex clubs or swingers clubs !!! but if your after a place to meet either other swingers or sexual active couples then the clubs are a great place to start.............but finding a good club is not that easy

I've been a swinger for many years and to say I've hit some pretty naff sex clubs over the years would be an understatement !! you really do sometimes get the impression just because you've got a venue you can open a club but its not that easy !!!

so where do you find the good clubs? if you read the various swingers clubs review website's they are all great !!!!!!! Mmmm wonder why ! so rather than believing some made up review the next group to ask are the swingers themselves and that's where our site come into its own

Within the members section we have reviews, blogs & chatroom's on swingers clubs both in the UK and some of the great sex clubs in europe although most seem to be around Spain and when your considering a swingers club who better to ask than the members using these clubs !!

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Detailed below are direct links to members so you can see what the swingers look like in your area although the reviews are only within the members sections

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