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As a webmaster and swinger I love to read members profiles but more so swingers stories either true life or fictional and if I have to be honest I prefer not to know if it is a real sex story or someone fantasy as it makes the reading of it seem more erotic - so we are all budding authors but ask someone to write about a subject and most will come back with "I'm no writer"

But, ask the same person to put down their latest sexual fantasy or if they are swingers write a story about their first swinging experience and most will offer something to the table. Even myself I can't write stories to save my life but to write about swapping experiences that my wife and I have had and I could fill a book LOL

So we are all authors to some extent and the hidden "reading" voyeurs love to hear what sexual experiences people have been having, maybe sometimes it is so they can find out what sex exchanges or swingers are really like or maybe just because they enjoy finding out about people lives, either way we all want more!!!

The stories posted here will cover just about every type of sexual experiences and whilst I'll be posting some of mine I would love to hear from couples, single females or guys that want to write in and tell us their true life sexual fantasy story or maybe swingers stories.

Sex Contacts Stories

Enjoy, but please contribute and send us your story:

  • Cock Sucking Public Toliets - it was my first but not my last
  • Threesome in Bedfordshire - lucky sod thats all I've got to say
  • Hot Tub Swinger - read about what happens when this couple head out to meet with a couple in a health Spa and enjoy some fun in the hot tub
  • Cuckold Cinema- what a great idea take your wife to a adult cinema and watch her having sex with other guys in a adult porn cinema
  • Hampshire Cougar Fucks - when it comes to horny mature women they don't get much hotter than this Hampshire women
  • West Midlands Cuckold Wife - they don'tcome much horny than this slut wife that fucks a guy in a bar toliet, read this cuckold story
  • Bimale Dogging - it was something I'd been thinking about for a long time and as I was now single wanted to do something about sucking another guys cock
  • MILF horny wife - we al ldream about them now read a sexy little story sent in from a milf
  • BBW Fucking Machine - its got to be one of the best things going to see a bbw women riding a fucking machine
  • Bukkake Wife - ask your mates about bukkake sex and I bet most will look at you and ask "what the frig LOL " - but put money on it soon they read this swingers story they'll soon get into it
  • NSA Fuck Buddies - this story was sent in by a member - after a little poking from me as I knew him. Thanks Bill
  • Female Dominatrix - one of our members meets up with a femdom contact (pt 2 - femdom fuck's me strap on)
  • Cuckold Trannies - WOW what a great cuckold story Sarah thanks for send this in just make sure when you meet up with other members you drop us a line
  • Webcam Sex Story - have to say what a great way to see if being a sex slave is for you ? check out this great mistress story
  • Cuckold Story - husbands first experience watching his wife getting fucked by another guy
  • Mature Swingers Story - mature couple tell us about trying swinging for the first time / part two - mature couple foursome
  • Fat Girl Dogging - the first time I tried dogging - BBW tells all
  • TV Sex Story - thanks for sending this TV swingers story in, please send more ....
  • Asian Sex Contacts Couple - first time swinging couple try a threesome. Thanks for sending this swingers story in - please send more
  • First Threesome - yep women fantasise about 3somes as well and I decide to do something about it ................
  • Bored Housewife - you know I always used to think stories of these horny housewives were just that STORIES, but trust me they are NOT!!
  • Cuckold Sex Club - you know if I had a cuckold club around here I'd sign up in a flash ...........frigging heaven
  • MILF sex - milf from Lancashire sent this story in and after reading it and checking out her photos I can understand why his horny mature women got so many replies to her ad
  • OAP Swingers - yep thats right you maybe old but you can still swing

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