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Want to swing? read on!!!
not sure where to start, read on!.

New to swingers lifestyle and not really sure which direction to go in? well hopefully at Adult contacts we can help as once things for sure when it comes to swingers theirs little we don't know about this

One thing you have to remember is that swinging is not going to make a poor marriage better if your having problems then swinging is NOT for you, but if your looking for a way to spice up the old bedroom life or maybe the marriage is getting a little slow then by introducing either a third person (threesome) or a couple it can and more often does bring a lot more into a relationship

But anyone new the swingers lifestyle it can be a little scary at first not know what other swingers will expect from you or really the best way to approach other members so here's just a few tips to help you along.

Sex, tips & lies ;o)

follow these guidelines for happy swinging:

  • If your newbie's tell people & decide how far you want to go -: trying to come over as experienced swingers won't work, if your new and have never swung before tell people, also before you even post your first swingers ads decide how far you want to go i.e. soft swapping or full swapping
  • Put a good profile up -: read what other members have posted it will give you some idea on what to write. Don't just put "young swinger looking for other swingers!" that's really not going to get much attention. Make sure you tell others about yourself and the best way is by reading what other members have posted
  • Contacting others -: its really the same as your profile put some effort into it! if your a single guy don't just send a contact in saying "wanna meet up" and if members ask for photos to be attached do so otherwise you'll be sure your contact email we go straight into the bin
  • Your first Meet - : make sure you know the boundaries if its just for a chat in the local then fine but other swingers may think your meeting up to go on somewhere else so from the outset tell members why your meeting and what's on offer. More experience harden swingers will normally want to go on elsewhere where as newbie swingers will want to take things a little slower
  • Single Guys -: you know if a couple ask for couples only that's what it means! so make sure you read the ad and when sending photos to members try sending one of your face LOL most of us have seen what a pecker looks like, although one shot is always welcome
  • Single female swingers - : you really hold all the strings so pick your contacts as you can bet you will be high demand!
  • Couples -: make sure you ad is clear as to what you want, if your looking for bi or straight contacts its a good idea to make that clear and also what you expect from the first meet
  • Photos -: a swingers profile with photos will get 10X more replies than one without so post some photos and if your a little shy blank out your faces, but when you do post swingers photos make sure they are good quality and clear!
  • General swingers Etiquette -: treat others how you wish to be treated then you'll get the respect and make life long friends
  • Also - read Swingers abbreviations

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