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We've been married for 12 years and have enjoyed taking part in wife swapping fun for about 5 years now and are always looking for new couples and also singles for threesomes!

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mature couple looking for other couples only to join us and some existing wife swap friends for some swinger fun and also social meetings in the Southampton area. Mail us for more details and pics

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We aren't talking about the Channel Four TV Wife Swap program here! Wife Swapping might be considered by some a slightly out dated term but call it that or even swinging, it is a very popular pass time for many couples, whether married or not & we have thousands of contacts already with adverts online waiting for you to make contact with them and party!

Gone are the days dating back to the 70s where couples would gather a the hosts house, put their car/house keys into a bowl and the wives would pick out a set with the male who owned the keys would be their sexual partner for the evening! Although the basic idea is the same, swapping partners for sexual gratification, the format for the actual event differs depending on whether it is a private session between two couples or more of an open party event with people moving around and joining in when invited.

Wife Swapping

Advise, terms and tips:

  • Jealousy - if you are a couple make sure that you BOTH want to do this, if you agree just to keep the other person happy then the chances are jealousy will intervene and your relationship will be worse off as a result - swinging will not make relationships better!
  • Soft Swap - often the way couples new to wife swapping will start, the couples will swap partners for foreplay activites but no penitrative intercourse will take place. Often threesomes or female only play will be included in this category as well.
  • Full Swop - the next step up and probably what most people consider to be true wife swopping, partners swop for full sexual intercourse as well as other activities.
  • Same Room - this can apply to either a full or soft swapping situation and means that all partners, even when swapped, stay in the same room for all activities. This can be because of nerves and first timers want their other half near by or for exhibitionist purposes where they enjoy being watched!
  • Limits - before you join in a swapping session agree you limits! It is important that you both know how far the other one is happy to go and this is especially important if you are new to the lifestyle, and also make sure the other people involved are aware of your limits as well - remember no means NO and you should be ok.
  • Safe Sex - not everyone uses condoms, called barebacking, so if you do want to practice safe sex then make it clear in your profile and double check everyone is agreed before you meet up.
  • Cuckold Contacts - don't know what this is? in that case you may find this interesting Cuckold Husbands
  • Horny Housewives - don't want to swap? then feast your eyes on this Horny Housewives
  • Alcohol - while it might be nice to have a glass of wine at the start of the evening to relax and get up some dutch courage you mustn't get drunk as you will only end up embarrasing yourself and probably not be able to perform!

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